20 Minute Cardio Tabata Workout: Videos With Zuzana

If you know me at all, you know I love the Tabata Protocol.  Basically…

20 seconds of high intensity exercise, 10 seconds rest… repeated 8 times

The entire workout takes less than 4 minutes.  But don’t let the short duration fool you… these workouts are very tough and very effective for building cardiorespiratory endurance and burning fat.

One of the things I recommend is using bodyweight exercises with the Tabata Protocol.  This is a very tough full-body workout that blurs the lines between strength training and cardio… and is a great quick workout.

I found these videos where Zuzana takes you through a 20 minute workout using bodyweight exercises and Tabata Protocol.  Give it a try if you are think you can handle it.  (I think you’ll have a new respect for bodyweight exercise after this).

Exercise 1: One Legged Mountain Climbers

Exercise 2: Baby Push Ups

Exercise 3: Slide Lunges & Lateral Arm Extensions

Exercise 4: Bike Crunches

Exercise 5: Side Slide Lunge & Bicep Curl

There are a couple of things I hope you take away from this 20 minute Tabata Workout…

#1:  Bodyweight exercise is great for a cardio workout. Too often I see exercisers gravitate to the exercise bike, treadmill or row machine for a “cardio” workout.  They forget, or it never occurred to them, that their own body is the best exercise equipment.  I really like using bodyweight exercises for cardio because it gives you a combined full-body workout as well as build endurance.

For more information on this, download my free report: Bodyweight Exericise Cardio Intervals

#2: Bodyweight exercise can be VERY challenging. A lot of exercisers think they need to lift weights to get a great workout.  This is just not so… as I’m sure any of you who have tried the above workout will testify to.

I believe EVERY complete workout program should include bodyweight exercises. Just think about it… exercise is about movement. You are either moving your own body, or you are moving a weighted object.  You need to train BOTH movements to prepare yourself for the challenges of sport, work and life.  DON’T neglect your bodyweight training.

For those of you who want a COMPLETE bodyweight workout program, I recommend Ultimate Gymless Workout.

I hope you enjoyed the workout from Zuzana, and have a new found appreciation for bodyweight training.

Eddie Lomax

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