Body Weight Lunges – Bodyweight Calisthenics Video

Body Weight Lunges are a great example of a bodyweight exercise that makes multiple improvements.  For example, you not only build lower body leg strength, but you also improve your balance and coordination as well.  I don’t recommend adding any weight to this movement until you first master the bodyweight lunge first.  You need to have proper form with this exercise, so take it slow and learn it correctly the first time around.

Here is a video of the Body Weight Lunge:

When you are ready to organize your bodyweight exercises into a progressive program specifically designed to improve fitness, burn fat and build an attractive, athletic body, here are some recommendations:

Option 1:

workout-without-weightsWorkout Without Weights is my flagship bodyweight workout program. If you like building you own workout programs (following a proven, progressive method), this is for you.

There are SIX progressive workout programs here that give you the freedom to choose the bodyweight exercises you use from a list of 190 bodyweight exercises. Just pick the exercises you want to work on, fill in the printable, reusable Workout Journal Sheets… and you’re ready for a great bodyweight only workout you can do at home!Don’t underestimate the power to achieve your fitness, fat loss and physique building goals using only bodyweight exercises… especially when you follow a PLAN of progression that keeps you improving.

Option 2:

Ultimate Gymless Workout

The Ultimate Gymless Workout is for those who want a PROGRESSIVE SERIES or bodyweight workouts where the bodyweight exercises are chosen for them. There are really TWO complete workout programs here… the Optimum Fitness & Physique program and the Above & Beyond program.

First, alternate through the Fitness, Fat Loss and Strength & Size workouts to build the strong, lean, athletic body you’ve always wanted. Then put your newly developed body to the test with the Above & Beyond workouts. And did I mention, these workout use only bodyweight calisthenics exercises and can be done in the comfort of your own home?

Remember… progression is the key for any workout to improve fitness, burn fat and build an athletic body. After all, if you are not progressing then nothing is going to change. And that means you workouts are nothing more than a waste of time. So, make sure to put your bodyweight workouts together in a way that keeps you progressing toward the ultimate goal of a strong, lean, athletically muscular body!

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