Random Dumbbell Intervals

“These Random Dumbbell Intervals Put ‘Regular” Cardio To Shame… This FREE REPORT Shows You How!”

Random Dumbbell IntervalsMost exercisers believe they need expensive exercise equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills or rowing machines to get a great “cardio” workout.  But you’ll be glad to know you can get a BETTER cardio workout with just DUMBBELLS!

Not only do these Random Dumbbell Intervals improve heart and lung power… but they blast off fat and build a strong, athletic body too! (And best of all… they are not boring!)

You Are About To Learn:

  • What Exactly Is A “Dumbbell Interval”
  • Which Intervals Are Best
  • The Random Interval Maker Strategy
  • The Two Dice Strategy
  • 6 Excellent Dumbbell Exercises To Use… Complete With Detailed Instructions & Photos (No Bicep Curls Allowed!)

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