BRUTAL 4 round knockout workout!




4 Rounds of :
Jump-Rope High Knees
Clapping Push-Ups
Jumping Squats– (Hands Over Head)

INTENSE 5 Min Home Abs Workout – MIKE vs. SHANNON!



Since a lot of people requested to see more females in the videos, Mike brought his friend Shannon to help on this one! They do a intense, HEAD-TO-HEAD home workout together. You can do it by yourself, or competitively with a partner like we did it. And the best part is it requires only your bodyweight, and you don’t need any equipment.

Here’s how to do the workout:

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS – 30 SECONDS: Start in the push-up position, and step your feet upwards towards your hands. To make it more challenging, you can shift your weight forward so you are carrying more with your chest and upper body. Be sure to keep your back flat as you do this, and don’t let your butt go too far up in the air.

YOGA PLANK – 30 SECONDS:: Start on all fours, with your hips elevated up in the air. Hold this position, being sure to keep your hips up and not allowing your back to slouch.

KNEE TO ELBOW PLANK — 30 SECONDS: Lift your butt up slightly in the air from the push-up position to start. Take your left knee, and touch it to your left elbow. Repeat this for the other leg.

Repeat these 3 exercises back to back with no rest until 5 minutes are up.

Crazy 3 Minute Home Abs Workout by Mike Chang



Here’s a quick but effective ab workout that Dan and I will sometimes end our workouts with. It’s great because it’s simple, it’s quick, it requires minimal equipment, and it REALLY hits your abs. It’s also inspired by MMA conditioning exercises, so it gives you great functional core strength as well.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

10 Toe Touches
10 V-Sits
10 Triangles

Do all 3 exercises back to back. Repeat the entire superset 3 times, with 1 minute rest between sets.

Exercise tips:

TOE TOUCHES: Keep your arms and legs extended out as far as possible. Move slowly in the extended position. Dan uses a medicine ball here, but any weighted object (dumbbell, weight plate, etc.) will work.

V-SIT: A Muay Thai conditioning exercise. Sit balanced with your feet and upper body off the floor in the starting position. Extend your body straight as much as possible without touching your shoulders or feet to the floor, then explosively contract your abs to move forward.

TRIANGLES: Inspired by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission (the triangle). Coaches will often make students drill this move to build the ab endurance necessary to effectively secure the choke. The key is to shoot your legs up and elevate your body, until you are almost standing vertically on your shoulders. Visualize putting your footprints on the ceiling. Rock back as little as possible — initiate the movement from your abs without the help of momentum.

Home Shoulder Workout For A V-TAPER Body




In this video, I show you a great home shoulder workout that you can do at home with just a pair of dumbbells. I’ll do this workout a lot to hit shoulders when I’m traveling, or when I just don’t have time to hit the gym for a full workout. It only takes a couple minutes, but it hits your deltoids, traps, and all the other muscles of your shoulders.

And if you want to get a ripped body and six pack abs, the fastest way to do that is going to be Afterburn Training. You can learn more about Afterburn Training and how you can use it to get your abs faster in this free video.

Crazy 4 Min Ripped Core Workout




Another great video from Mike Chang!

Hey… what’s up!

In this episode, I bring you an ab workout that will get your core ripped with multiple KILLER abs exercises.  And all you’ll need to do this exercise is one light dumbbell!

Here’s how it goes:

FEET TO SKY CORKSCREWS – 10 REPS EACH SIDE: Start squatting down, with the dumbbell over your right foot. Twisting from your core, throw the dumbbell over your left shoulder like your are tossing a bucket of water.

It’s CRITICAL for this exercise that you are using your abs to initiate the movement, and not just using the momentum from your legs to move the dumbbell. Otherwise, it’s just a crappy leg workout. Twist with your core though as much as you can, and you’ll be getting a killer ab workout.

FIGURE EIGHTS – 20 REPS: Hold the dumbbell in front of you, and move it in a figure 8 pattern. Again, this exercise will be VERY easy if you just do it with your arms, but be sure not to do that. Hold your arms straight, and move the dumbbell around by twisting your core.

Keep the dumbbell in front of you as you do this exercise — try not to let it go in back of you. This leads to involving other muscle groups, and takes the “work” off your abs and core.

HOW TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER: Do five rounds, each round consisting of one set of corkscrews and one of figure eights. You’ll be doing five sets of corkscrews and five sets of figure eights altogether, with no rest in between sets.

This is a GREAT way to hit your abs with a “twisting” motion, which will stimulate them in a much different way than regular crunches or sit-ups. You should really be feeling your abs after this, AND the rest of your body as well! Although this is mainly an ab workout, you’ll also feel your legs, back, arms, chest and shoulders being worked.

It’s a better workout for your abs than crunches or sit-ups AND you get a sick total body workout as well.

Try it out at home, and let me know how you did in the comments!

Insane M-100s workout in Hawaii!



In this video, Mike shows a great home cardio workout that he’s been been doing lately. This workout is great for losing fat and building a ripped beach body. It’s many times more effective than long, slow cardio workouts like treadmill jogging — and it only takes three minutes! It’s definitely one of the best cardio workouts at home that I know of.

Best of all, this home cardio workout can be done with NO EQUIPMENT, and no gym membership needed. It’s extremely simple — you just have to learn three basic bodyweight exercises to do it.

Here’s how to do this home cardio workout:

Squat thrust — 10 reps
Mountain Climber — 10 reps (counting 1-2-3-ONE-1-2-3-TWO)
Squat Jump — 10 reps

Repeat these exercises until you have done 100 reps total. You will end up doing 40 squat thrusts, 30 mountain climbers, and 30 squat jumps total.

Credit for inventing this home cardio workout goes to DAVE GINSBERG, Dan’s jiu-jitsu coach in Boston. If you’re in the Boston area Dave is a top notch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and highly recommended for martial arts instruction. He’s also a great personal trainer and has many more great workouts like this which are very effective, and can be done with minimal equipment.

Lean And Ripped Leg Workout by Mike Chang




Here’s a great home leg workout/ home lower body workout that you can do to get lean and ripped for summer. It’s also a great way to start strengthening your legs if you’re a beginner. You don’t need any weights or equipment for this workout — you can do it at home with only your body weight.

Here’s the workout breakdown:

BODY WEIGHT SQUATS (10 REPS) — Hold your arms in front of you, and squat until your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle. Keep good posture (look at the ceiling if you need to) and put your weight on your heels. You can also put your hands behind your head (a variation called the “prisoner squat”) to make this more challenging.

SKI HOPS (10 REPS PER LEG) — Start with one leg behind your body. Bring your knee upwards and towards your body as you do a small hop with your other leg. Notice how I use my arms to counter-balance the weight of my legs…be sure you are involving your arms like this as well.

ONE LEGGED TOE TOUCH (10 REPS PER LEG) — Balance on one leg, and touch your toe. Thrust your leg that is not on the ground and your other arm behind you as you go down to balance.

3 POSITION CALF RAISE (90 REPS, 30 PER POSITION) — This is a great exercise which hits your calves in three different ways. Hold a wall or counter for balance, but don’t use it to assist you with the exercise. Start with 30 reps with your feet parallel. Then do 30 reps with your heels touching, and toes pointed outward at a 45 degree angle. Finish with 30 reps with your toes touching, and heels pointed outwards at a 45 degree angle.

And if you’d like to take the fast-track to getting a ripped body and six pack abs, I recommend you sign up for Six Pack Shortcuts. It’s the proven way to get a ripped body and six pack abs…FAST.

INSANE Home Fat Loss Workout




In this video, Dan, Virginia and Mike demonstrate the full Day 6 workout of Insane Home Fat Loss. This workout can be done anywhere and requires no equipment…but a workout towel.

The MASSIVE ARMS Home Workout




In this video, Mike shows you how to build massive biceps and triceps at home with these 3 super set exercises (supersets are 2 exercises done back to back with no rest in between) All you need is a pair of dumbbells.

Superset Comb #1 – Dumbbell Curls/ Close Grip Push Ups – 3 super sets till failure

Superset Comb # 2 – Hammer Curls/ Dumbbell Overhead Ext – 3 super sets till failure

Superset Comb #3 – Concentration Curls/ Couch Dips – 3 super sets till failure

Tip – Make sure you use a weight heavy enough to only be able to do about 8 – 12 reps.

And while these are great arm exercises… obviously they’ll work better when they’re part of the right Afterburn Training routine. Afterburn Training is my unique workout system that combines compound weightlifting with short, high intensity cardio. Mike’s clients like it because you only need 4 short 30 minute workouts per week — and it allows you to build muscle while also staying very lean.

Body Shredder Workout




In this video Mike will show you four exercises you can do at home with no weights, press play and lets get started.