MaxWorkouts: Build The Strong, Lean Body Of An Athlete

A few years ago I wrote my Athletic Body Workout.  You see, I know that most men want to look like a strong, lean athlete… NOT a bodybuilderAnd I figure the only reason these guys were still doing workouts based on bodybuilding was they didn’t know how to do an athletic workout.

I mean, who would knowingly do a workout that wasn’t designed to product the results they wanted?

Now, I am not claiming to be the cause… but I have noticed a switch to more athletic workouts over the past couple of yearsTrainers and exercisers alike have finally realized they need to train more like an athlete if they are to get the strong, lean, athletically muscular physique that performs as good as it looks. MaxWorkouts is such an athletic workout.

Here are some things I took from the site…

You Want To Look Like An Athlete?
Then You’d Better Start Training Like One.

This isn’t some run-of-the-mill training or body building program. Hardly.

What you will find here are short, intense, full-body workouts that get you a lean, defined, muscular, athletic physique. But it goes deeper than just looks. You’ll gain strength, power, and endurance — giving you the performance edge. So let’s talk about the main reasons why you should train like an athlete (even if you’re not one)…

1. Real Strength

Real strength isn’t just about being strong — it’s about the ability to perform at a higher level for any type of athletic event or even non-athletic activities. If you’re a weekend baller, wouldn’t it feel good to outrun or out rebound your competition instead of bolstering about how you just curled 135 lbs? How about being able to out sprint and outlast your competition for a game of touch football with the guys?

2. Increased Power & Performance

In the world of fitness and athletics, power and performance go hand in hand. When you combine the right elements in your workouts, you can produce a favorable neuroendocrine response — which has an eerily similar effect to that of taking growth hormones.

3. Build More Muscle & Burn More Fat

As I mentioned earlier, performing weight-bearing, full-body exercises in high intensity interval and circuit training formats is the single most effective way to skyrocket your power, lean muscle development, and fat-burning — getting you a lean, ripped, athletic body.


So, if you’ve performed any of my workouts, like Athletic Body Workout or Gladiator Body Workout, then you know I love these kind of high-intensity, full body workouts that blur the lines between strength training and endurance conditioning.  And I not only believe this is the best way to train to increase performance and fitness… but also to achieve your athletic body goals as fast as possible. Let’s look at what some of Shin Ohtake’s customers had to say about the MaxWorkouts program…

What People Are Saying…

  • Training The Trainers “Shin, thanks for making your program available as an eBook. I can honestly say that this is the best training program I’ve EVER tried. I’ve literally had trainers come up to me at the gym and ask me about what I’m doing.” — Shelly Moore
  • Step-By-Step Instructions “MAX Workouts showed me exactly how to do each exercise. I really needed the extra instruction and Shin’s book really delivers. It was like having him right there with me, telling me what to do.” –Jamie Serion
  • Interval Training At It’s Best “MAX Workouts is interval training at it’s absolute best. The workouts are fast and intense. You can’t possibly get bored with this program…and you will get in phenomenal shape” – Erin Silva
  • Cuts Workout Times By Half “I can’t believe how the MAX Workouts program has changed my daily life. I’ve transformed my body and actually cut my workout times by more than half. It’s nothing short of amazing”  –Joe Susu
  • Based On Science “Max Workouts is the best fitness program available today. So many people still think that long cardio or slower-paced weight lifting is the answer. It’s not. Shin’s program is based on science — and that’s why it works.” — Ron Edwards
  • Shorter, More Efficient Workouts“I have to admit, I was skeptical at first because the workouts seemed so short… but MAX Workouts completely changed the way I view fitness. I’ve never been in better shape — even in my prime.” –Jay Walt
  • No More Excuses “I work in the office a lot, which means I’m sitting at a desk pretty much all day. I work long hours, so I don’t have a lot of extra time for working out. I thought I’d give the MAX Workouts program a try and that has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m always telling people about your program. Fantastic!” — Rich Evans
  • Workouts Scheduled For You “The information and workouts in this book are awesome. I don’t have think about a thing when I go to the gym. I just look at the workout schedule and see what I’m doing today. It’s a real time-saver. Thanks so much.” — Brian Kenning

If you are still struggling to reach your fitness, fat loss and athletic physique building goals I encourage you to start working out like an athlete. Be honest… is your workout program based on athletic workout, or are they some type of bodybuilding workout? Make the switch to a more athletic workout today, and you might just find this is the key to getting the RESULTS you want.

MAX Workouts - Take Your Fitness To The Next Level With High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

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